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[PART 6]

One day in August 2007 I was sitting around with my three Sprint phones trying to make some sense out of several thousand things when I decided to take all three phones and call a Sprint tech number that I got off the net.

I got customer service on all three phones at the same time and went from one to the next asking them if they could hold while I took another call. Finally I got down to one phone and a customer service representative told me that a company by the name of Embarq had taken over my account.

I had never heard of this company before and asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor checked it and said she had never seen anything like it before. She asked me if the phone and bill said Sprint and I told her yes. She then placed me on hold while she consulted with another supervisor.

When she came back on she said it was very strange but she triple checked it and gave me a number to call Embarq at [800-877-7707]. If you call Embarq's other business number by blocking the id [*67-800-877-7077] they still recognize your number and a computer voice asks if you want to talk about phone number [your number] press one.

I've never seen a phone company that can do that and believe me I have been through two dozen of them. I called the number that Sprint gave me and a lady in Florida told me that she couldn't find an account for me and said it was odd that Sprint would tell me this.

I started rambling my phone conspiracy to her and told her that I should just switch over to Embarq since the phones are almost useless and since Sprint already thinks I'm with Embarq. I told her maybe it might help stop people from intercepting my phone calls and keep them from trying to impersonate members of the news media, lol..

She began setting me up an account and after about ten minutes she told me that she would call me back in just a few minutes with a conformation. After four hours she still hadn't called back so I called her back. She told me that I had to be a previous land line customer in order to get mobile service.

That sounded strange, but I told her OK I will get a land line then. She began setting this up and some guy broke in on the line and said "Mr. Albert we don't do business in Oklahoma at all anymore" and the call disconnected. I redialed the number but I got a recording that to this day still says "call the talk line at 800-382-TALK". I called it time and time again and it's so strange how so many things like this have happened.

I called the talk line and got there customer service number. When I called the talk line customer service some guy told me that wasn't their number and he didn't know what to make of it. Embarq will even admit that it's their number, but nobody can provide an explanation for why it's coming up as a phone sex line advertisement.

A few minutes later I pulled into the Country Palace nightclub to pick someone up that had called for a ride and I went inside to use the restroom. When I came out there was a huge muscled up Spanish guy standing by my van and he looked angry.

I walked over to him and he stuck his chest out then said "you're messing with the wrong people." I had never met this guy before and I asked him what he meant. At that time he punched me on the side of the head and knocked me all the way out. A friend that was standing a few feet away said I flew off my feet like a rag doll.

After I was knocked out he began kicking me in the head and lucky for me the owner of the bar maced the guy before he killed me. Several people said that I was knocked out for well over ten minutes and when I woke up two police officers were standing over me.

They said I needed medical attention, but I started telling them that I had to make money to take care of my family. I had blood running out of my ear, out of my mouth, off my chin, and I also had a bad scrape on my elbow.

I got in my van and two guys that I knew loaded up. They were here from Florida to add onto the prison at Sayre and were pretty important people. One of them told me that I needed a business partner and I said I didn't need a partner I just wanted my phones left alone.

After I finished my rides about an hour later I went to the E.R. to get checked out because my jaw and neck were hurting pretty bad. While I was at the E.R. I received a phone call from the owner of the bar, the same one who maced this guy, and he told me that the guy got arrested for assault and public intoxication.

He told me that the guy told the police that the reason he did it was because I was threatening to stab his friend while he was passed out. Rob said that he told the police there was no way that could have happened because he was standing out there the whole time.

I asked Rob if he knew the guy and he told me that he was the top prison guard at the Sayre facility and also a reserve police officer. Turns out he is Captain Brownfield and the only Brownfield I could find in the phone book was Officer Dan Brownfield at the Custer County Sheriffs office (2003 phone book), I think that might be one of his relatives.

While I was getting checked out at the hospital my wife called and said someone was tapping on the kitchen window in our back yard (3:30 am). I told her to call the police and I left the E.R. without getting x-rays. When I got home Officer Steve Bonds was in our back yard and he said they couldn't find anyone.

It took three weeks to get a police report and an officer said it was being graded. The guy that knocked me out only had to pay a ticket here at the city court and he should have been transported to the county jail since it was such a bad assault.

He might have got a reward for doing it because he should have been in a lot more trouble and at least got a reprimand for the warden. I couldn't turn my neck for ten days and my jaw is still out of alignment. 

After this nut almost killed me and since so many other terrible things were happening, I decided to call Scott Hines at News Channel 4 in Oklahoma City [Four in Your corner] to see if he would look into it. I was really irritated that I still couldn't get a police report on what I consider to be an attempted murder.

This was about a month after it had happened and I was almost healed up except for my jaw and my neck still being sore from hitting my chin on the pavement when he knocked me unconscious.

I got a call one evening from the drug task force and they needed me to pick up two guys. This was about 10 days after I had left several messages with Scott Hines at Channel 4 and I still hadn't heard anything back from him. I gave them a ride to the bus station and they were clean cut guys.

I figured they were probably cops and it sure was odd to be getting a call from the task force considering everything that had happened. One of the guys gave me a business card and supposedly he was some kind of postal insurance salesman out of Michigan.

About an hour after I had dropped them off one of them called back and needed to go back to the task force. He said he forgot to get something out of his vehicle that had supposedly been confiscated. When we returned to the task force their gate was locked so I called the Elk City Police station to see if we could get in touch with someone.

The dispatcher said that she would relay the message and we started back toward the bus station. As we drove up the road from the task force and got by the airport, I noticed the task force agent Joey Bales was out in his driveway by his vehicle.

I told the guy that was with me that he could try to ask Joey if he could go back over to their office to unlock the gate and I honestly didn't see anything wrong with pointing out where Joey lived since it was in such an obvious place. I didn't feel that it was a big secret and lots of people know that he lives there.

When the guy got out and started walking up the road toward the trailer house, that by the way is on city property, the task force agent started yelling something at him. He also acted like he was going to let one of his police dogs loose and I was surprised by this. He immediately got back in my van and I took him back to the bus station.

Over 3 hours later I was at Love's convenience store on 3rd street putting gas in my van when a voice message came through on my phone from the number 405-111-1111 and it was a message from Scott Hines at Channel 4.

I tried to use my phone to call the phone number back, but it wouldn't go through. I even tried to call their regular number, but the phone wouldn't work. I drove to the Holiday Inn to use the phone there and when I got there a friend called to tell me that he heard on his police scanner that the police were looking for me.

I called the Elk City Police station and talked to Officer Bob Turner.  He told me I had to come to the station to meet with the task force in the court room, but I told him they should come to me considering all the things that have happened.

Bob insisted that I go to the police station immediately so I did..When I arrived I walked into the court room where several task force agents were waiting along with Officer Turner. I asked them what was going on and the head of the task force, Lary Damron, asked me if I had told the guy that I took to the bus station where his partner lived.

I told him that we were driving by and we could easily see his police unit so we decided to stop and see if he could help the guy get his belongings. I told them all that I didn't really think it was a secret were Joey lives and it was on city property in plain sight.

One of them said that the guys I had gave a ride to could be dangerous and if anything happens to his partner that he was going to press charges on me. I said that I didn't think the guys were dangerous and I apologized for exposing his residence even though I was certain that this didn't have anything to do with me getting called down to the police station at ten o'clock at night.

The other task force agent told me that he was thinking about charging me with conspiracy and the timing on this deal was absolutely chilling. Why did it take way over 3 hours for them to contact me if they were this angry?

For this to have come about at the same time as I received the voice mail from Scott Hines was very troubling and I still to this day haven't been able to get Scott to even say something like "sorry we can't get involved in anything like that" or "good luck against those bad people."

After I left the police station I drove straight to Oklahoma City and I was determined to get someone at Channel 4 or any news media to look at my situation. As soon as I got into Okla. City the power steering pump went out on my van.

Things just weren't going very well, but I made it to an auto parts place at least. I slept in my van and as soon as the parts place was open I bought a power steering pump. It took me a few hours, but I got it fixed. I went to Channel 4 and I told the lady up front that Scott Hines had tried to call me last night. I still had the voice mail from him and I had so much hope of getting to talk to him in person.

After about 30 minutes of waiting in the lobby a guy by the name of Chuck came out to talk to me and he said he was one of the producers. I told him what had happened and I also tried to explain why I was so dirty. If you've ever put a power steering pump on a van then you know how messy it is and I was a little greasy.

He said Scott was gone and he would relay my message. I felt extremely aggravated after being up all night and working on this van in the heat most of the morning, but I smiled, shook his hand, and told him that I appreciated anything he could possibly do.

A few days later I decided to give the local F.B.I. agent another call and I was hoping that since it had been a few years since our last encounter that everything might go a little better this time. I called the local office and spoke to the same agent I had talked to in 2003. Agent Thompson agreed to meet with me and he told me to come to his office tomorrow afternoon at three.

The next day I got on my motorcycle and started riding to his office. Right before I got to the corner of Washington and Country Club a pickup swerved at me so I pulled into the funeral home parking lot. The pickup also pulled in and came up next to me.

I figured they wanted to apologize for almost hitting me, but the guy driving only said one thing. He asked me if I knew where he could dump a load of hot asphalt and then he drove off. There were three men inside the pickup and I recognized the driver as the owner of one of the local glass shops. I've heard a lot of things about him and one of my friends told me that he's the biggest Cocaine dealer in this area.

It was done to try to scare me and it definitely got my attention. After that I rode my cycle on to Brad's office and it's at the top of the Apple Annie building on the corner of Broadway and Jefferson. I went into a first floor door and Brad met me there to open a security door.

We walked up stairs and I went through a metal detector similar to one in an airport. After I cleared the detector we sat down at a huge oval shaped table that was very extravagant and I was amazed how sophisticated his office appeared.

On one of the walls there was a big American flag and everything was very nice. Brad was a tall guy with an immaculate complexion and he looked like he was in really good shape. The first thing he said to me was please don't act like you know me if you see me on the street and he said he was undercover.

I began to tell him about some of the things that had went on earlier that year and I started with the deal Joe had presented about not calling the F.C.C. After I had talked for about ten minutes Brad looked at me with a real serious look on his face and said "Randy I'm not jacking with your phone." I was surprised by this and I told him that I wasn't accusing him, but I needed his help to find out who was behind the phone tampering.

Just the way he had made the remark that it wasn't him that was jacking with my phones sounded really suspicious and I started getting the feeling that this meeting was a bad idea. It was going through my mind that it probably was him and he definitely had access to all the equipment.

We continued to talk and I went into some details about the two D.T.F. agents in the back of their warehouse that had intimidated me with a gun. We also talked about what was going on with the phones and I described some of the problems that I was having getting the calls to come through.

I told him about the Sprint Nextel corporate executive by the name of Andre Sajaro that gave me the case number 1463973 and how Andre said that all he got was fast busy signal after many attempts of trying to call my number. I told Brad that I could only call Andre back if I went to a pay phone and this is when Andre told me to start logging all this stuff and go to the police station to complain about the phone calls being blocked.

Brad told me he wanted me to come to work for him as an informant and that he would protect me. I told him that I just wanted to run my taxi and he said "so you have what a high school education." I said it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out there was something way wrong with this scenario and all this had gone too far.

We had talked for about an hour before he said he would look into this and I took that as a sign that the meeting was over. I thanked him before I left there feeling as if I had been wasting my time to even go to his office. I wish I would have tried to handle things a little differently the first time I spoke with him and if I would have known back in 2003 what I know now things might have turned out better.

At the first of September 2007 I decided to port my 580-821-2222 number from Sprint to Tracfone Wireless because a friend told me that he didn't think that the law could tamper with Tracfone as easily as other carriers. I had stayed with Sprint for too long and the kind of phone problems I was having was about to finish me off financially.

After switching phone companies quite a few times already in 2007, I was willing to try anything including an expensive service like Tracfone that at the time was more than 30 cents a minute. I ported the number, but for ten days I couldn't make or receive calls on the phone because it wouldn't allow me to add airtime.

Tracfone said every day that they would get it fixed and one of their representatives even told me not to call Sprint about the problem. I thought it was odd for him to tell me that and I was about to find out how far the people I'm up against were willing to go.

It was really weird how the phone rang and even had a voice mailbox, but only calls from about half the cell phone companies went to the Tracfone. The rest of the cell companies calls and land lines all came to the Sprint phone still.

This shocked phone people every where and they said they had never heard of anything like it. I called Sprint to see what was up and a porting specialist told me that Tracfone had never even requested a port. It didn't seem like I could get a straight answer from anyone and after ten days Tracfone claimed that the port was complete.

On September 13th 2007 the phone finally let me add airtime to it and I had high hopes that I could get a much needed break..The phone could now make and receive calls, but still only about half the providers calls came to the Tracfone 580-821-2222 phone. The rest of the carriers calls still came to the Sprint 580-821-2222 phone and I think I was stunned.

More than a month went by and at the last of October 2007 I tried to port my number to another company by the name of Virgin Mobile after hundreds of calls to Tracfone and Sprint about the problem. Amazingly enough the same problem was still happening with Virgin Mobile and I couldn't get the Tracfone deactivated for some very strange reason.

2007 was the worst year of my life and it just kept getting worse. It seemed like every time I started investigating the phone troubles by calling attorneys, civil rights groups, the Dept. of Justice, etc. someone from the Department of Human Services would call or come by our house.

At the first of September 2007 my wife had decided to go to Oklahoma City to stay with her sister for a while because she was experiencing a lot of depression. She had been checking on places up there where she could get something done about it and all the things that were happening to us made it really bad. It's a wonder I hadn't already had a nervous breakdown from all the terrorism and I hope I never have another year like that again. 

On the day my wife was suppose to leave Travis White from the Department of Human Services stopped her from going to stay with her sister and he told me he was postponing that. He did this by illegally granting temporary custody of our children to my wife's mother and I believe they were afraid that she would tell the doctors what these twisted people had been doing to us.

Shortly after he did this he went to my sons school and called him to the councilors office. Dylan was 15 years old at the time that this happened and Travis took his phone away when Dylan admitted to having one. A few minutes later Travis showed up at my house with detective Kenny Shirey and I invited them in. We sat down to talk and the first thing that Travis asked me was how many times a week was I having sex with my wife.

I'm certain he was trying to make me take a swing at him, but I held my cool. Travis asked me if they could look around the house and I told them that I had nothing to hide. He wanted to go out to the garage to have a look so that's where we went first.

They looked around the house for a few minutes and I was furious when he told me that they were placing my children with my mother and law.Travis said that he had been told that I had tossed a cell phone against a wall and he said they were investigating us.

Several laws were broken when he did this and I intend on eventually making the Gestapo of D.H.S. answer for a few things. Several people have stated that he didn't have the right to do this or a reason and it was done to try to make me stay quiet about what happening.

The truth is that this punk Travis White has got away with so many things and his corrupt actions over a 16 year period has earned him the title 'The Gestapo of D.H.S.' As soon as he left my house he went back to my mother in laws where part of my family were waiting to find out what was going on and as soon as he showed up there he told all of them that he had smelled marijuana in my garage.

Funny how him and the police detective both failed to mention the scent of anything in my garage. They would have got a search warrant if there was any odor of marijuana I assure you and that's how Travis got his nickname. One of the people I've heard refer to Travis White as the Gestapo of DHS is a local newspaper reporter and he also said he has heard a lot of things over the years about this guy that are simply outrageous.

After I heard what he told them at my mother in laws house I was very angry and called the Elk City Police Department to talk to Detective Shirey. I asked him about what Travis had said and he said that he wasn't aware of any odor at my house.It would have to be brought up while they're still at the house and I'm not sure slander is even a good word for what he did.

I was giving a friend a ride a few months before this happened and she told me that we could get our kids taken away if I continued to fight this mess. I went to school with this lady and she was also a dispatcher at the police station at one time. It's so scary that things are this corrupt and it's very dangerous.

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